Laid Back Luxe…

Accessories, Fashion, Retail

Over the past couple of months my busy schedule has seen me take on a laid back approach, if Instagram is anything to go by.. I bought my first pair of Boyfriend style jeans that are ripped, it’s safe to say I’ve rediscovered my inner rock chick (she never really went away!), decided wearing 2 necklaces is better than wearing 1 and have took to stacking bracelets above my Sekonda, the alternative to skinny jeans and a bit of sparkle feels well cool.

Skinny jeans and Jeggings look great any time but the occasional break from that drainpipe feeling of being cut into half is necessary. I’ve took to experimenting more, one of my first ventures was to buy an alternative cut of trouser too, Primark now stock the office essential black trouser in a skinny style for £5, I was pleased about this bargain price. I wore these the next day to my sister’s graduation and they looked great with my salmon pink vest top and black cardigan with gems for buttons and a gem collar. I wanted to go understated smart but still add a touch of sparkle to this happy occasion.

I’ll leave you with a few photo bites from Instagram (follow @vickyhbartlett) of what I have been up to!


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