ScentSations: my favourite signature scents & why I love them …

Beauty & Fragrance

Most women have one favourite scent they have always liked and others may like certain scents because they evoke memories or remind them of a certain person or point in their life. Many people also have a selection of perfumes for different occasions. I’m one of those people who owns four or more and I have narrowed that down to ones I really believe best suit my tastes, traits and personality. These are definitely worth a try if you want to treat yourself to something new or are looking for your Christmas/birthday gift :


Jimmy Choo Flash (£61.50 for 100ml)
This is a Floriental scent where pink pepper, tangerine & strawberry add a flash of white flowers & tuberose. This is my current favourite it reminds me of dark evenings sat under the stars with friends or family, good wine & good music.


Chanel No5 (£85.95 for 100ml)
This scent is a classic, harmonic and timeless one, it’s a bouquet of abstract flowers with an undefinable femininity. This is all Marilyn Monroe wore to bed. It’s iconic. This evokes many memories for me because it’s what my mom wore when I was growing up.


Thierry Mugler Angel (£65 for 50ml, Debenhams)
Angel is Thierry Mugler’s 1st scent, a voluptuous, oriental gourmand with a stunning star shaped bottle. The scent has a celestial top note of bergamot and helional that’s as pure and transparent as air, it’s heart of fruit and honey will evoke childhood memories and it’s base of vanilla, chocolate, caramel and patchouli is passionate and sensual at the same time. I don’t really go for scents with sweet notes but Angel is unique and distinctive, it evokes a lot of memories for me from when I was younger. I was 21 when I bought some back from duty free in Greece.


Suddenly Madame Glamour (£3.99, Lidl)
Don’t be put off by the name, price or that it’s a supermarket buy. This is the perfume that outsold Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. It’s citrus and floral notes encompass bergamot and jasmine, Lidl wanted to create a fragrance that embodied elegance and femininity for everyday wear, without this costing a fortune to feel glamorous. The price tag makes it an essential stocking filler for friends and also an affordable classic to wear for work, etc.


Marc Jacobs Lola (£64.50 for 100ml)
Lola by Marc Jacobs is best described as an intoxicating swirl or rich layers of fragrance that is a reflection of what Marc Jacobs finds feminine & sexy. Pink peppercorn, pear and red grapefruit open into a floral heart of peony, rose, fuchsia and geranium on a base of vanilla, warm tonka bean and creamy musk. It’s flirtatious with a playful wink, captivating the true essence of the Lola woman. This is my sisters favourite, I bought 60ml to try and she asked me what I was wearing one day. I also love the bottle, purple glass with a massive colourful flower top, this will add interest to any dressing table!


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