Beauty Bargains : Why I browse TK Maxx to the Maxx!

Beauty & Fragrance, Retail

In Wolverhampton there used to be a C&A, this turned into a TK Maxx store for a time. Everyone who is into their big brands know what this store’s all about: quality brands, possibly designer homewares, clothes, beauty products and more at prices lower than they’re recommended. I have had some absolute gems from there like the navy blue Inez trouser suit that would’ve been £200, but I got it for £50 in TK Maxx.

Unfortunately Wolverhampton’s store closed down and Poundland took it’s place :-(, on a brighter note Intu Merry Hill Shopping Centre have a TK Maxx and I have recently rediscovered the joys of bargain spotting.

TK Maxx have a small section of their stores that are dedicated to beauty and toiletries, I saw several salon branded hair products on the shelves, they had Models Own products that can retail in Boots for £5-£6… reduced to £2 and a few weeks ago I managed to get hold of 2 Nails Inc nail polishes (over £11 a bottle in Boots), for £4 each, and a Rodial GlamStick tinted lip balm that has the illusion of an expensive lipstick. The Rodial lip balm would’ve been £24 anywhere else but in TK Maxx it cost me £12, half the price!

Since my teens I’ve been a fanatic of big beauty brands like the ones named above so a store where I can get such bargains and value for money is good news! I picked up this year’s Pantone colour, Nails Inc in Devonshire Row and a Grafitti Effect glitter in Hoxton Street.


On another trip I came across one of the world’s most recognised nail varnish brands, the brand most used by celebrities… OPI. I am a big fan of the OPI products, the wide choice of colours and finishes plus witty shade names are a winner for me, while I can’t praise enough their pro wide brushes. I used to have my nails done at salons and many of them used OPI products on the customers. Good choice!

I came home with The Muppets Most Wanted Mini collection which is a set of 4 polishes from The Muppets collection of polishes. I got this set of 4 for £7.99 which is excellent value for money, seeing as 1 full size bottle is £11.50 anywhere else. I thought the
Ten Pack of Style Coca Cola Mini collection of 10 polishes I bought off Amazon in the summer for £19.99 was also excellent value for money too. I love how cute the appeal of a mini version of a full size product has.


My favourite of the Ten Pack of Style bunch has to be the silver. Where most metallic silver polishes fail to live up to their promise and you just get grey pearl, OPI My Signature Is DC is different, it’s a very metallic white silver without any dark particles or grey diversion and glistens when painted on. It is almost too good to be true, pictures will not do this polish justice!



I have OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number (Muppets Most Wanted Collection) on my other fingers and OPI My Signature Is DC (Coca Cola collection) on my 3rd finger. I have recently been adding accents into my manicures and blue & silver has to be one of my favourite combinations for this season, it’s also a good choice for the upcoming Christmas period!



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