6 BIG STORE shopping tips…

Fashion, Retail

If you’re planning on shopping at one of these large stores with the festive season coming up…


These top tips are for you!

1. Prepare to be pushed & shoved to a degree as large shops with low prices – especially flagship stores – attract scores of people that have had the same idea!

2. If shopping with friends or family agree a meeting spot and time if you get separated in the crowds, don’t have your phone on silent if you do this!

3. Browse and pick up jewellery and accessories after your changing room visit, in PRIMARK you’re not allowed to take these small items to the fitting rooms with you, this is only to prevent shoplifting

4. Wear an outfit and shoes that are easy to get on and off if you plan to try things on. The changing rooms are hot, stuffy and overwhelmingly busy with comers and goers, you want to try on and change as quick as you can without putting anything on backwards!

5. Add up how much your purchases will be in your head before you queue. This will determine whether you need to get the plastic out or not and whether or not you need to put something back!

6. When you’re finished, queue. All you need for this is patience! Good Luck!


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