festive shop & jumper drop


2014 has been another productive year yet again in which we’re already into November, a month away from Christmas. ‘Tis the season for people like myself to split into two modes, number one sheer excitement about prepping my home, hearing the jollities of the carols and movie soundtracks I grew up with that will never age, and the optimistic snap of smelling crisp cinnamon in the air. Number two I have the mammoth task of gift buying for several family members and friends, I have over the past few years adopted my own personal shopping style, I buy for the people that are easiest to buy for first, then towards the end of my holiday hoard I can focus on the men in our family who are the hardest to buy for… “What would you like for Christmas dad…?” “Don’t get spending all your money on me,” comes the reply.

As I participate in the love it or hate it tradition that is Christmas shopping I can’t help but notice Primark have produced drops of the jolly jumpers, sweaters and t shirts you will see in stores around this time every year. Some of these festive gems have the classic Disney theme running through them and are adorned with characters from the popular films. Christmas and Disney together seem to re-ignite the youthful flame in all of us in some way or another, the best festive jumper I saw in Primark was a grey sweater with Bambi on and he’s wearing a garland that actually lights up!

I had to laugh at a T-shirt that had a quote from the popular Home Alone films in too!



I know it’s only November but… THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMIN!


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