Signature Skull Scarf: A Real or Steal Accessory?

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Alexander McQueen’s skull scarf is a coveted accessory by many a star and one of the most sought after pieces of apparel for many rock chicks looking to follow in their footsteps.
Timeless and stylish with an edge, And definitely one of my favourite looks, I don’t think it’ll ever date.
Let’s face it though, a McQueen scarf is not cheap! The designs I came across retail from £165 up to £245! Number one they’re McQueen, and number two, made of classic silk blend or classic silk chiffon…


Despite the high price I found a variety of colour schemes on the Alexander McQueen web site and the choice of different types of silk is a great idea. this makes the signature skull scarf an extremely versatile investment because you could add a pop of colour to dark autumnal or winter outfits, this time of year they add a touch of instant luxury to your skinnies/t-shirt/biker jacket ensemble.

Want to invest in one of these beauties but the price is scaring you? Good news… a few years ago I found some carbon copies of the signature skull scarf in my local Primark store. Everyone knows Primark are good at keeping their finger on the catwalk and designer pulse and bringing the same looks to the high street for an absolute fraction of the price. The scarves I bought from
my local Primark ranged from a steal at £2 to a still purse friendly £4, these too came in a selection of different colours and there were sleek silky versions too, the non silky scarves were being sold in 2 packs which I thought were amazing value!

I also own a black and white Miss Selfridge version of this trend which isn’t silk but it is generously oversized, it was £16 and has been all over the world with me ever since, this comes out every fall! Oversized scarves on vacation double up as sarongs and even bed-throws, as demonstrated by the talented housekeepers at Zante’s Golden Sun Hotel!
Struggling to find the low priced design on the high street? those of you with an eBay account type in “Primark skull scarf” or simply “skull scarf,” you’ll be presented with several choices!

If you’re new to this style good luck!



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