The Biker: why Leather Jackets are a loved trend…

Accessories, Fashion, Retail

Whilst reading various features on Fashalia101, you may have noticed a piece that appears again… and again… the classic biker jacket. A black leather jacket has become a timeless investment. Biker jackets add that much needed edge to that straight, casual weekend look. A safe bet for gigs and festivals too, they’re the best compliment for a pair of jeans and a band tee, they’re also good at toughening up many a printed day dress, especially if teamed with ankle length studded biker boots! there are many ways you can wear this ageless trend and a worthwhile investment is a black genuine leather number that you can wear over anything.


I own two black bikers and they are both like my second skin, I bought back a genuine leather one with cuffs and a collar of a contrasting material from A Wear on Dublin’s Grafton Street for €90 and I also have an Internacionale biker with the classic blazer style raffia collar and cuff detail, this one is accented with silver zips and studs and was £40. I love them and will probably go on to buy many more of them, they’re such a wearable, versatile option. I have my eye on the new River Island numbers with the collars that are faux fur. The fur adds a touch of luxe to such a rocky trend, I find faux fur to have that all important cosy appeal, especially this time of year. The faux fur on this £65 design comes in a cream colour as well as this gorgeous dark fawn, I may go for this one as I love the depth of it’s tones.


I have also been busy brainstorming the many outfit combinations that would go with he biker jacket, here are 2 different looks, worried about looking unfeminine? good news… they can be worn with skirts and dresses!



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