‘Tis the Season to Shimmer with Multichrome Manicures

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Nails are enjoying their love affair with various special effects. Over the past couple of years I’ve found myself experimenting with crackle effect top coats, metallics that boast a magnet on the cap to create a magnetic field right on your talons, matte and “liquid sand” effect top coats that broke the usual glossy tradition and various glitter top coats. It’s safe to say over the last few years I have accumulated my own nail wardrobe, and along with thousands of other women, probably paint my nails more often than I used to.

I am a fan of a particular effect nail polish that a number of brands have come up with… Multichrome. Multichrome is what I can describe as a shimmering metallic shade laced with a pearl of one or more contrasting shades. I have also heard these polishes described as “colour-switch,” “duo chrome,” “chameleon,” or “holographic,” there are many ways to refer to this spellbinding effect. The first true Multichrome tried by me was Essie’s Fall 2013 shade For The Twill Of It, Essie, America’s number 1 nail expert describe it as a compelling rich maple with a reflective olive shimmer, retailing at £7.99 in the UK, I found this shade resembled OPI’s Peace, Love & OPI, which retails for £11.50. I loved For The Twill Of It from the first wear and the enchanting Kirsten Stewart inspired Twilight look it created.



Since rocking For The Twill Of It I discovered a range bought out by Revlon, called Chroma Chameleon (top picture), metallics that create the colour-switching, duo chrome finish. They were retailing around the £6 mark in stores such as Boots and Superdrug, I like all of the Revlon shades but Tanzanite has to be my favourite, an awoken metallic purple that is one of those shades good at adding an air of mystery to your look.


This autumn/winter I am after a duo chrome shade I have seen on http://www.essence.eu called You Wow’d Me Again which is a metallic sky blue with violet pearl. The magical colour switch can make it appear a shimmering sea green in some pictures and I think it is one of the best shades in Essence’s £1.80 Colour & Go range, I am itching to try it!



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