How to stay High Heel Happy!

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Yuletide times are less than 4 weeks away now and you’re probably shimmying around the shopping centre, polishing off your preparations for the upcoming party season. Like many of you, I’ve learned the hard way what suitable shoes for shopping trips look like and what footwear to forgo whilst pounding the pavement!

If you’ve been invited to any glitzy social gatherings over the holidays you’re probably wandering what to wear to that Christmas or New Year party, and shoes are the ultimate accessory whatever you decide to wear. In this day in age stilettos, platforms and kitten style heels look great with all styles of trouser and dress. However, many women often suffer the pain of trying to walk in all of the above mentioned types of heel in the name of style, it’s the oldest, been there done that wardrobe malfunction, treating yourself to those shiny vertiginous peep-toes yet walking like a new-born calf, even before you’ve touched a drop of bubbly! Scores of people will think you look like you’re trying to walk on stilts and “isn’t she uncomfortable, can she walk in those?” will be the running question all evening. Even if no one says anything, that figure made of matchsticks body language will make it obvious you’re struggling to get to grips with your new shoes, and what a shame if you have spent a small fortune on that pair you really wanted!

It’s not all bad news! If reading this has made you contemplate ditching heels altogether, hang fire! There are ways to totally walk the art of wearing heels and it’s easier to master than you think! Here are some facts, and some tips on how to wear impractical shoes and still have fun…

What will my shoes do to my feet?


High heels throw weight forward, the higher the heel, the more forward the weight will be, this means that the heads of your metatarsals (the front of your foot, before your toes start) bear most of the weight of your body. The slight raise of your heels (backs of feet) and balls (middles) of your feet will create the illusion of being a couple of inches taller.

Is it wise to wear heels all the time?

No. Worn over long periods of time for going about your daily business, the damage from prolonged wear can range from misshapen toes to sprains or fractures if you have a fall. The bones and soft tissues that make up your feet will suffer and you’ll be the one complaining your feet are killing you only hours into your day. My tip is for your average working day wear your most comfortable shoes possible and you should opt for flat styles such as pumps or boots if you are walking from place to place. If you have a job involving physical activity most of the time flats are a must, in most places of work, heels and shoes with open toes are prohibited for obvious health and safety reasons, to prevent the most common accidents of all: slips, trips and falls!


I’m going to a party tonight, everyone’s dressing up, I’m opting for my glitzy mid heels (3 or 4 inches), how do I avoid looking like a drunken antelope?

The best advice champion heel wearer Victoria Beckham gave to the readers of Glamour magazine was “walk so that the ball of your foot is the first thing to hit the floor,” I have adopted VB’s philosophy and have to say it is the best piece of shoe advice I’ve ever read. I often practise this stiletto stance at home… I slip into my finest footwear be it those fab platforms or heeled ankle boots, I stand straight, chin up and shoulders back and I imagine the hallway is my catwalk! If everyone had this type of practise run a lot of soles would be saved from the party pooper that is sore feet five minutes in.


How do I determine the best shoe to wear?

I believe choosing the right heel type for you is your safest bet, platform style and those with platform at the front are a great option for me and a lot of people I should imagine, the front platform acts as a shock absorber for the part that will be taking all the weight. When shoe shopping, don’t rush, take your time and be sure to road test all of the pairs you like in store, choose the ones you walk best in without discomfort.

That’s how to win the game of life that is walking in heels. Now go out there and leave them all wandering how you do it!



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