My Caviar Tinted Christmas…

Accessories, Celebrations, Fashion, Music

My Christmas at home in Wolverhampton was just as awesome as the people who made it amazing, only stipulation like any other day in the calendar it only lasted 24 hours, not long enough! My step-dad Russ cooks the meanest turkey dinner, shares my dislike of Brussels Sprouts and buys the coolest gifts, this year amongst the throngs of toiletries and chocolate I unwrapped tickets for The Charlatans Civic Hall gig! Excited is an understatement. I’ve been a Charlatans fan as long as I’ve been an Oasis and Stone Roses fan, I’m looking forward to the launch of The Charlatans’ new album Modern Nature on 26 Jan.


Christmas with my family is cool because we know what each other appreciate and the entertainment rocks, I play DJ with music on YouTube and several rounds of charades-with-impressions keep us tickled for hours, my Madonna in a leotard impression though, needs work!

I consider myself thoroughly spoilt on December 25 and this year was no exception… I unwrapped the comfiest, most rock n’ roll pyjamas ever, designed by the Rolling Stones, their trademark red Forty Licks logo is dotted all over the bottoms on a black background, the fleecy material is ideal for these January evenings. I also had a pair of quilted Ugg boots which are calf length and not one of the Ugg designs that soak up water, bonus, I can wear them on a rainy day! And I got a MK by Michael Kors bag too, which is a great day bag because it’s not too big, not too small, but of a size in which you can fit all of your essentials, I can even fit a small make-up bag in there. My family buy me some pretty luxe stuff and my gift pile was rather caviar tinted, black, after all, goes with everything!




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