Nail Note: Metal Manicures that are True Grit!

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I’ve recently acquired some new nail polishes to add to my ever growing collection. There are three in particular that stand out for me in a rather unconventional way. I’ve recently discovered the alternative to the traditional glossy black claw, too late to be honest. I have been experimenting with matte and concrete effect polishes that require no top coat. For someone who often has to be ready quickly they’re an antidote to the two coats and a top coat regimen. My three favourite alternative nail polishes for low maintenance chicks are:

1 – Essie in Belugaria

2 – Barry M in Rockstar

3 – Barry M in Supernova

My ultimate favourite is listed No1 for a reason. Essie Belugaria, resembles caviar in a bottle and was introduced in Essie’s 2013 family of Encrusted Treasures. It’s £7.99 in Boots. Belugaria is an alternative to classy, glossy, black. As you can see from photos it’s got iridescent glitter aplenty, however intercepted with what I’ll call “caviar pixie dust”. Two coats of this Polish is required for the full effect. No top coat is required, as Belugaria is meant to create the illusion of tarmacced talons. The commercial for Encrusted Treasures by Essie depicts Belugaria being poured like caviar onto a spoon. This is a nod to the gritty industrial look and a connotation of luxury at the same time, genius!


Photos of Rockstar don’t do it justice. This is a textured glitter effect Nail Paint flooded with iridescent glitter in which the particles are as small and as frequently spaced as grains of sand. The explosive rainbow sparkle makes you almost forget about its gunmetal grey base.


Supernova, a Christmas gift off my equally beauty addicted sister is a satiny light grey with subtle interruption from the same iridescent glitter as Rockstar. Think of Supernova as the more subdued sister of Rockstar!

Rock & Metal lovers, black worshippers and goths rejoice! They’re glamorous and all in your colour scheme!


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