Willpower Waining? Here’s some Style Resolutions worth sticking to!

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So we are almost a fortnight into 2015 and on December 31 some of you probably sat with a blank notebook page wandering what you will do differently this year. Be it lose a few pounds, quit smoking or budget, cravings and impulses often push those little internal deals you make with yourself out of the way, before you know it your willpower has fallen out of the window! The body and the mind are strong forces often not to be reckoned with, they want what they want. You can, however, stop your devil deciding for you at times, without depriving yourself of what you want. Here’s how!

Remember to pick the right Q! – Quality outshines Quantity. Yes, it’s possible to acquire a new pair of boots or a new jacket for under £10. On a recent look around Hypnotic, where every item is £5.99 or less, I looked at a pair of ankle boots finished off with vintage look metal studs on a strap. I told myself I wanted them until I turned the strap over. I would rather invest in a pair of shoes five times the price with guaranteed durability to be honest. The strap on these Hypnotic boots had simply been pierced with the metal decorations the same way you would pierce paper with a fold-over paperclip, no stitching or adhesive on the back to ensure they didn’t fall out. Just because an item is available at an unbelievable price doesn’t mean it is of an unbelievable quality! Choose wisely!


Do the Six Month Sort – if you have items in your closet you haven’t worn for 6 months or more, and you don’t know when you will again, throw them out. If it’s a shame to be throwing good quality clothes and accessories away, do a good deed by donating to local charity shops, they welcome all manner of things in good condition. Filtering out what you don’t want from what you actually want to keep is a great way to de-clutter a messy closet and ensures a steady streamline of things you genuinely wear more than once. Gok Wan of How To Look Good Naked and Gok’s Fashion Fix says that we wear 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time. Every 6 months open your wardrobe and ask yourself “which one of these don’t I wear?” it’s the best way to take your wardrobe from drab to fab and it is free!


Know your Style Staples – you are an individual, your style is unique to you. Knowing what you wear most or come back from the shops from with most will establish what you should make the occasional investment in. If you’re obsessing over one piece of clothing and keep buying this, it will also break a habit of buying the same thing!


Don’t be shy – of something you’re scared to try. If you think there’s something you can’t get away with wearing, turn that fear into fun! Play around with it, you may find that risqué underwear shape or trouser cut flatters not fails!



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