Seven Sledding & Ski Secrets that will Save Your Skin!

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Whether you’re sledding with your four legged friends or hitting the slopes this winter, fun-filled snow days are unfortunately enjoyed in skin-stripping conditions, when you’re packing don’t forget to pack at least one of these restorative beauty treats, your skin and hair will thank you for it!

1. Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment: Should you fall victim to the dreaded “hat hair,” Aveda’s reparative mask imparts plant oils while quinoa protein softens brittle, split and overworked strands. It only takes it 5 minutes to restore your locks from rough to ravishing again, great news if you’re late for the log cabin party!


2. Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Mint Lip Butter: Lips need nourishing protection like the rest of your skin, what better way to ensure a healthy, hydrated perfect pout than this After Eight flavoured lip balm! Stock up though, you may find yourself licking your lips before eight!


3. Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 Sun Block: Propped high on the slopes, with the winter sun low in the sky, your skin is just as susceptible to sun-damage as it would be on a beach break. This clever sunscreen delivers high protection and sinks in straight away without leaving the tell-tale chalky trace often left behind from other sunscreens.


4. L’Occitaine Mini 100% Pure Shea Butter: Wind-bitten skin will be soothed with this multi-tasker. Derived from the Shea trees, this non-irritating moisturizer cossets skin and is an instant relief for dry, chapped spots anywhere.


5. Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Ski 2 in 1 Combi SPF 50: Garnier’s innovative 2 in 1 combi can be used on both face and lips. It combines a high factor sun cream and lip balm with the same properties. This product offers the best protection from the harmful effects of the sun, which increase with altitude.


Don’t forget your log-cabin companions!

6. Opie & Dixie Healing Paw Balm: The answer to your four legged friends’ dry, cracked paws. Treat them to a paw massage with Opie & Dixie’s gentle treatment for rough, sore paw pads. It works wanders during harsh weather conditions!


7. Paul Mitchell John Paul Clean Face Pet Ear & Eye Wipes: Found on, these cruelty free wipes have been tested on humans first. These pet-friendly wipes gently cleanse muddy faces and freshen up sleepy eyes in seconds!


If you’re jetting off soon have a safe journey and enjoy your winter break!
Love me & Jericho x



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