February Forecast: Be Bold & Slither Into Springtime In Style!

Accessories, Beauty & Fragrance, Fashion, Music

90’s style has slithered back! in a way so sneaky that this spring’s Snake Skin accessories are boldly going down the statement route, yet still managing to ooze every inch the chic simplicity of the original Jelly Shoe, Lip Smacker and See Through Phone age. Weren’t clear phones fascinating?


If you were lucky enough to own one all your visitors wanted to use it, if you were in your teens or 20’s a Lip Smacker was probably a staple in every coat pocket and handbag, and a seaside trip wasn’t a seaside trip without packing a pair of the phenomenal “jellies.” The Oasis and Spice Girl years (I know which one I preferred!) were a decade for clean cut, sublimate accessories that would still get you noticed in a cool way. Metallics, chunky chains and snakeskin have thrived. Spring’s take on these will make for an instant outfit update with a rather clean colour scheme that is easy on the eye. There’s a lot of white, cream, silver and of course, trusty black. There’s plenty of room for a touch of bold, block colour too, as seen at Porenza Schouler, just love the unique shape of these sandals (£1, 235, below).


Stella McCartney shows us chunky chains can be worn with subtlety if they’re transparent and Plexiglass! (£735, stellamccartney.co.uk)



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