Sparkle All Year Round With Warren James Swarovski Sale

Accessories, Fashion, Retail

So that party or much anticipated evening out is looming, maybe it’s a special weekend off work, a friend’s wedding or glitzy birthday bash. You want to treat yourself to something spangly, maybe something you hope to wear again and again. Maybe you’ve got your outfit sorted but it’s still missing something… that touch of magic sparkle! A shimmering new piece of jewellery perks up any outfit.



Warren James are renowned for their use of sparkling Swarovski, a crystal that originates from Russia, to add mega-watt sparkle to the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, all of which are in a quality of sterling silver that always looks brand new, even when they’re not under the dazzling lights of Warren James’ outlets. I own the Sabrina Heart in Lilac (pink is available) and a similar styled heart pendant in a captivating deep ocean blue. I am fascinated by the way these multi-faceted crystals catch the light in a way you’re able to see more than one colour in them. The “heart of the ocean” style heart pendant (available in blue or clear crystal) does this so well.



They’re pretty and practically priceless! The Swarovski Elements Collection is part of Warren James’ 80% off sale, I was amazed that the Sabrina Heart and the “heart of the ocean” were both reduced from £85 to £16, and I bought both a year apart. The good news is this is one sale that’s not going anywhere yet.



It will be hard to pick just one mythical piece because they’re all so captivating, compliments are guaranteed!



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