Top 3 Style Bibles I Swear By…

Accessories, Art, Fashion, Popular Culture, Retail

The Internet may be the most widely used reference book of this generation, however, libraries and book shops stock the best holy grails of style and fashion design ever written, I’m so lucky to have a plethora of big libraries on my doorstep, but if I had to pick just three informative, photographic style bibles on fashion design here are the ones I’d pick…

1. The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris, £14.95

This is a guide to the many and varied terms used throughout the industry, you’ll learn the meanings of those tricky laundry symbols in no time with the brightly printed crib sheets on pages 230-231, you’ll also find out the names of the different types of collar, stitch, trouser shapes, body shapes and much more! Organised in alphabetical order like a dictionary and with pictures throughout, this is go-to guidance for any budding fashion designer, whether you’re a student, fellow blogger or you’re launching your own collection.





2. Fashion: Concept to Catwalk by Oliver Gerval, £19.99

The first in Oliver Gerval’s “Studies in Fashion” series is a visual presentation of the fashion world from the concept of designing a piece or a collection straight through to its presentation on a catwalk and on the market. What really brings this professionally written book to life is interviews and photo coverage with Didier Ludot, Lutz, Stephane Marais, Odile Gilbert, Antoine Kruk and testimonies regarding their creativity. 700 unseen photographs and illustrations of collections in the making make this book the best insight and inspiration for young designers wishing to release their own collections.





3. Fashion Design by Sue Jenkyn Jones, £19.95

Written by a senior lecturer in Fashion Design, this book offers a thorough grounding in the principles of the fashion industry. The author describes the skills and qualities essential for a fashion designer whilst examining the various career opportunities available. The up-to date approach Unites history, theory and practice. This book covers subjects including how to interpret a brief, how to build a collection, sketchbooks and drawing tools for designers and choosing the right fabrics. A reliable manual for both students of the industry and established professionals.







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