Black & Blue? White & Gold? You Decide!

Art, Fashion, Popular Culture, Retail

Yesterday photo site Tumblr managed to split the internet’s style savvy audiences into two opposing camps. A rather flattering striped bodycon dress was at the centre of a debate on it’s colour.



At first glance, this dress is blue with black lace stripes. I was as puzzled as anyone to hear some people describe the dress as white with gold lace stripes and curious to seek out the science behind our perception of colour and our “magic eyes.”



Computer essential Adobe’s unique colour detectors point out what our eyes can’t always tell us. The lighting can play tricks on the human eye too.


Aren’t eyes fascinating? The Retina (back of our eyes) contain two types of light-sensitive cells called photoreceptors. Photoreceptors can be rods or cones. The rod photoreceptors are the most sensitive of these cells to light and dark changes and are not the best cells for colour vision. Even though Adobe’s analysis proves some browny gold undertones are present, The blue/black, white/gold debate was probably caused by such misconception.


Bodycon dresses are revered by many a star because of the optical illusion they create of one’s slim, well contoured figure, this particular dress has just pointed out another deceiving on the eye possibility!



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