Bartlett’s Beauty Buzz: 7 Savvy Secrets That Will take you from drab to fab in seconds

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We’re nearing the end of another quiet, peaceful weekend, the two days in the week where you can go a few paces slower.  Tomorrow is yet another Monday morning and like me you’re going to be hitting accelerate hard, right?  From the first chimes of your alarm, to the bleep, bleep, bleep of making breakfast, through to the newspaper rustles of your all too familiar commute, you’re thankful for any trick in the book that’ll allow you to look your best without eating into the precious little time you have to get ready in the morning.  I strongly recommend YouTube channel Tips 4 Girls, it’s terrifyingly good at making low maintenance chic.  If there’s anything you need to remember in the morning, make sure it’s these 7 time savers,,,

1. D.I.Y Gel Eyeliner:

Want to sharpen the look of your liner, but only have that boring stub of a dry eye pencil?  Use a lighter and hold the tip above the flame for one second.  Wait 15-20 seconds for this to cool down.  Your boring stub of an eye liner will develop a creamier texture and deliver a more high definition look you only thought you could achieve with a pot of gel liner.  Genius! Be careful if you’re trying this one though, kids you might want to get a grown-up to help you.

gel liner diy

2. Amplif-Eye!:

Put on stacks of your favourite eye shadow but your eyes still look bare?  Use a white liner or a white shadow underneath the eye shadow to make it pop!  Illuminating shadows, such as MAC Eye Shadow in Vex deliver the best eye colour popping pay off!

Vex Mac life changing invention

3. Time to spoon your eyes… not literally!:

Ms. Winehouse’s much desired winged liner look is a tricky one.  Grab a teaspoon.  Draw a straight line by the corner of your eye then position your teaspoon on your eyelid so the bulgy part faces out.  Use the rounded edge to draw out your curved, winged effect.  Voila!

eyeliner spoon

4. Sultry in seconds:

Smoky eyes are the hottest make-up look for evenings and glamorous occasions, perfecting the perfect film star or rock chick eye  can become very time-consuming and involve no end of pencils, primers and palettes.  If you only have 5 minutes and 1 pencil to hand, you can hurry this process up! Draw a few parallel lines or a hashtag symbol (#) above the outer corner of your eye.  Right away, blend your parallel lines or your hashtags with a sponge or an eye brush.

eye hashtag

5. So long, mascara mess!

Avoid getting mascara marks on your upper eyelids.  Hold that teaspoon (oh yeah did I mention I strongly advise you to draw a face on it or something to stop people nicking it!) or a card below your lashes.  As you’re applying the mascara, the object will get messy and not your eyelids.  This trick works for your lower lashes too!

prevent mess

6. Saline saves the day!

Is your mascara nearing the end of its’ sell by date? maybe it’s drying out? if you’re no where near a shop or nowhere near pay day, a few drops of saline solution in the tube will revive it instantly!


7. Pout Perfection!

Red lips, or any notice-me colour for that matter, be it berry, fuchsia, wine, are one of the hardest beauty trends to get right, especially if you haven’t been experimenting with bold colours for long.  X marks the spot when it comes to your cupid’s bow!  Invest in a lip liner pencil the same colour as your favourite lipstick and draw an X on your top lip where your cupid’s bow is, this will serve as a guideline so you don’t overshoot your cupid’s bow when you apply your lipstick.

cupids bopw cheat sheet

Sunday Spotlight: Low maintenance never got so good!  Here are two of my favourite can’t live without beauty essentials I’m very likely to use at the weekend and all week round!

1. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons, £8: Twistable and available in 5 gorgeous shades that are wearable for all, these are super light, super hydrating and glide onto your lips, leaving an unmissably pretty sweep of nourishing high definition colour and glossy shine.  Enriched with GLOSS-FIX and ULTIMELT shine and shaping technologies that are exclusive to the Soap & Glory brand.  Lip plump lovers will be relieved to know the formula is BUZZ FREE, meaning it doesn’t have the tingle associated with the other Sexy Mother Pucker lip products.

mother pucker

 2. A Model Recommends CO LAB Dry Shampoo, £2.32 Superdrug: This blow-dry cheat is perfect for if you want to look your best even if time is tight.  A very quick and easy to use dry shampoo, excellent for those days or nights where you don’t have quite enough time to wash your hair.  Best of all it’s seriously effective at absorbing excess oil and is available in a variety of refreshing fragrances, each inspired by the trendiest cities in the world.  Tokyo is by far my favourite!

co lab


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