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Fashion is not just how people dress and look. Fashion is in the sky, on the street, in publications of both the glossy and rustly kind, on television and social media. Fashion does not just happen, new trends don’t just appear. People make fashions happen, if earth had no people, the world’s biggest cultures wouldn’t exist.

Safe to say when a new star is born, new trends are also born, some of the most inspirational people of the 20th and 21st century are responsible for giving birth to older innovations in fashion and making them as fresh as they were back in the day.  Lana Del Rey’s 60’s style big hair, retro accessories and traditional rock n’roll wardrobe has reminded many of her fans they can rock these looks with ease.  Doesn’t Lana have some of the best YouTube videos, if you’ve never watched them I highly recommend National Anthem, Ride and Gods And Monsters.  They are extremely edgy, will take you back to historic events and have a sort of nostalgic feel about them.

america lanaaxl lanaa phone case

Madonna’s another modern day example of a star that has changed her looks many times in her career, and whose records and music videos are a hit with many. She has adopted an individual style that is desirable to many of her fans and whatever her look is it’s always look juicy fodder for visual art lovers!

art madonnablack pink fluro madgemdna

If I was to liken Madonna to another influential icon it would be Marilyn Monroe.  Marilyn revived the signature 50’s style blonde ‘do and red pout. This is the go to glamour look for many a star today.  You could tell just by looking at her, Chanel No5 was one of her favourite things, it’s all she wore to bed!

Blanxcartsy bottlesssmonroe monroe four square

Talking of Chanel, Coco Chanel, the only fashion designer on Time Magazine’s most influential people of the 20th century, has been credited with liberating women from the constraints of the corseted silhouette and popularizing the acceptance of casual chic as a feminine standard.  Her true design aesthetic was in handbags, jewellery and fragrance.  Chanel No5, her signature scent, has become one of the beauty industry’s most iconic products.  Every star and lover of fashion owns something Chanel and if they don’t they dream of it.

coco smokingbag o chanelchanel no5


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