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Lipsticks, along with chocolate and nail varnish has remained an affordable luxury for many girls and women around the world.  I own tons of lipsticks each differing in colour, texture and density.  My make up basket is full of nudes, pinks, corals and, best of all, reds.  It’s not every day I rock a red pout.  Since my teens I have always been a tad experimental with my face, the sky blue eye shimmer though, I’d rather forget!

You may be one of these people who tried red once and decided it was not the hue for you.  However, the beauty industry offers good guidelines from international make up artists on how to rock red!

  • Establish your skin-tone.  Are you fair, medium or dark skinned? do you have Asian or Indian skin?  Knowing your true skin tone will help you determine which undertones to hunt for at the beauty store.
  • Rule of 3.  If the shop allow you to (most don’t allow you to do this because of hygiene) pick 3 shades of lipstick.  Draw a stripe of each shade onto bare lips and smile in front of a mirror.  The shade that makes your teeth look whiter and “perks up” your skin if you’re fair skinned, is the one.
  • Look to L’oreal! They have launched a collection of “made for me,” Collection Exclusive reds for every skin tone.  This is a collaboration with Eva Longoria, Blake Lively, Julieanne Moore, and Liya Kebede, all of whom differ in hair colour and skin tone.   L’oreal’s advice on finding your ideal red couldn’t be easier!

blakee  pure red

BLONDE: Just like Blake, stand out reds that make your teeth look whiter are the reds for you.  Blue toned reds are the best way to achieve the illusion of that million dollar Hollywood actress smile!  matches: L’oreal Collection Exclusive in Blake’s Red, MAC Lipstick in Russian Red or MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in New Temptation if you have BLACK hair and are fair skinned, the good news is, you can use the same shades as Blake would use!

mac russian redabanew temptation

BRUNETTES: Reds with a clean orange-y undertone best compliment the warmth of your hair and eye colour; matches: L’oreal Collection Exclusive in Eva’s Red, MAC Lipstick in 5 Alarm or MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Korean Candy

Brunettes can also try true reds.  Deeper shades and oxbloods will compliment medium and darker skinned brunettes in a good way.

FIVE ALARMCandy keva

REDHEADS: To compliment the rusty golden tones of your mane, reds with a pink, plumy or blue undertone will bring your complexion into the spotlight too; matches: MAC Lipstick in MAC Red, MAC Lipstick in Russian Red or MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Insanely it

Insanely itred macssrussian ginger

DARKER SKINTONES: If you are dark skinned, you should opt for orange-y reds, wines and deep reds. They work well with the red, yellow and blue tones of Afro-Caribbean skin and hair.  The choice of shades you can try is almost endless but here are three of your best matches: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in All Out Gorgeous, MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Good To Be Bad or MAC Lipstick in Sin (unfortunately limited edition!).  Deep reds, wine reds also work well with ASIAN & INDIAN skin tones, a deep red or wine with blue undertones really compliments the darker skin, eyes and hair.  However, those with Asian/Indian skin tones should steer clear of anything with orange or pink undertones as these will look wishy-washy.

All out gorgeous mimneralize macBADDits a sinn is the best stockist for lip sticks, lip pencils, lip glosses and general lip care out of all of my favourite cosmetic brands.  They have a shade, formula and finish to suit absolutely anyone, that’s why this post is extremely MAC heavy!  Happy lippy hunting girls!


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