Get Grunge Groovy: New Ways To Be Pretty In Punk

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It’s no surprise that the controversial 70’s and 80’s punk rock era has influenced many of today’s music genres and dress styles.  The stand out age of the Sex Pistols, Bin Liner Dresses, Do It Yourself Piercings and The Mohawk was a dramatic alternative to the so called societal norm.  To the outside of the Punk circle, the punk rocker could be seen as the non-conformist, the rebel, one that needed rules and discipline.  There were a lot of misconceptions about rockers on the original punk scene;  Contrary to popular belief, they caused hardly any trouble for other people or groups.  Most punk rockers were happiest when in their own circles, to see just one walk down the street was rare.

s seventies mohawks inspired scene

If it wasn’t for such a memorable era, the alternative style of the 90’s wouldn’t have survived long and wouldn’t have influenced so many areas past just music.  A whole new look was born out of Seattle’s dark, seedy, grunge scene. Suddenly both the music and the fashion appealed to both sexes.

b nineties grunge look tc nineties grungee

The grunge look, inspired by musicians such as the late Kurt Cobain got a better reception than the offerings of the previous era!  After all, baggy jeans, graphic t-shirts and baggy checked shirts were a massive step up from bin liners!  Tartan was widely worn by the likes of Axl Rose and Cobain, and remains part of today’s alternative/grunge/pretty in punk scene today.

d shoe studds   j tartan

Today, punk is prettier and more feminine than it has ever been, who’d of thought tartan dresses, hearts and bows would make the scene?  If you want to opt for a trouser look, the introduction of babydoll shaped t-shirts that are more figure hugging, skinny jeans and Converse has kept the look fresh.  One no longer has to pop a safety pin through their skin to accessorize!  However, copious amounts of studs an spikes are still used for decoration on clothing and jewellery.

c new pretty punkn new grunge mag cover

Following on from my last post, graphic t-shirts and vests are here to stay.  Ali Express ( was where I found these beauties!  The illusion of punk girl or rock chick chic is now one of the easiest trends to put together and is accessible whatever your budget.

a ali express punk vestsb ali express punk style vests and tees

It seems today, young men and women who are carrying off the grunge look and being pretty in punk have found safer channels in which to express themselves and their love of rock n’ roll music.  A news report recently revealed binge drinking and experimenting with drugs has fallen massively amongst young people.   The introduction of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Vine have provided an alternative to the trappings of rock n’ roll excess!




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