Vickonomics: Midweek Money Saving Motivations

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Okay, so you want to do a spot of shopping this weekend or after work one day, but the three months post-Christmas has left behind that boring cash strapped sensation.  Worry not, the feeling is familiar to many.  You may have tried to budget and limit those impulse buys you think you can’t live without, absence from those shops though, only makes the heart grow fonder!  At the end of the day, whether you’re on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll, when your bank balance could make you cry, the gap between payday and payday is just the longest feeling in the world isn’t it.

I have been scouring the internet for the most savvy saving tips and websites that enable you to treat yourself and your purse at the same time.  Whether you’re after a new item of clothing, things for your home or a new gadget, it is possible to acquire such treats while you nurse your purse!  These top tips will save you a packet!

1. Do the Charity Shop Hop:

Once perceived as smelly pits full of other peoples’ rubbish, reserved for the older generation and poor people, Charity shops are now enjoying a warmer reception in many communities thanks to some much needed revitalisation.  Consider yourself fortunate if you’re living in a well-to-do, thriving area and know a charity shop.  Charity shops in these areas generally have pricier stock, however the quality of the clothing, bric-a-brac and entertainment will line up with that of any high street or shopping centre.  If you’re on the hunt for bargain kids’ fashions, you’re in luck because children grow all the time, you’re likely to snap up items in mint condition that have hardly been worn.  The ladies’ and mens’ rails of these shops will burst at the seems with sought after brands too, we’re talking Topshop, H&M, Oasis, River Island, Next, Juicy Couture and even high end designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Aquascutum.  Regular rummaging in my local Compton Hospice shop this weekend generated some sparkling high street gems.  This gathered at the back Topshop blazer (below) would have retailed at over £50 originally, I got it for £3 and it is mega comfy!

b toppers c toppers

I also came across this gorgeous Oasis tee with an embellished scalloped collar to the front and the back, mine for just £2.50!

d oasisc oasis

This is one of the charity shops that has been refurbished, sell new goods as well as second hand and generally care about the quality and appearance of the items it sells, I had Mother’s Day all wrapped up with this kitsch camera wrapping paper (above) which was one of Compton Hospice’s new goods, I managed to get all of my gifts wrapped for just £1.25! Giving to a good cause never got so stylish!

2. Get Supermarket Savvy:

Been told Tesco is the lowest priced supermarket? Worrying about the total tally of your ever-increasing Waitrose, Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s trolley?  According to the Daily Express and Financial Times, German owned stores Aldi and Lidl have been leading the charge in the discount supermarkets.  Their dazzling arrays of weekly offers, assortments and quality items at lower prices has seen Aldi and Lidl serve an increasing number of customers – even from higher socio-economic classes – who are looking to save on their weekly shop.  Give this supermarket sweep a try: shop at your normal supermarket this week, then shop at Aldi or Lidl next week.  Keep your receipts from both shopping trips, compare the prices on both, you will have saved a fortune!

a aldi lidl l

3. Mad About Gadgets? Mad Bid!:

You may of heard of “get an iPad for £30” and are wandering if this is a myth. It’s not! is the technological sales phenomenon retailers hate. Mad Bid, which has enjoyed successful TV and online advertising, is the best place you can go to bag yourself that new iPad, a pair of new Beats headphones, an Android Smartphone and even the shiny new iPhone6. You have to register and have your own Mad Bid account, but when you do that the possibilities are magical. People who have used this site have acquired a new iPhone6 or an iPad for under £30 by bidding on the items they are interested in. Everyone that bids on the item will pay the lowest price. Gadgets on Mad Bid are sold in bundles occasionally too, the other night I was amazed to see an iPhone6, iPad Air and a bright green pair of Beats Headphones being advertised as the “Apple Office Bundle” for just £107.  If you’re in need of a replacement tablet, new phone, new music player, etc. you should give this site a try. You could save a stack and get the latest technology at a friendlier price!

a mad bid ipad picc


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