Tip Tuesday: Two Shimmering Uses For Kitchen Foil… Besides Keeping Your Sarnies Fresh!

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I always seem to have a roll of catering silver foil in my house and to be honest I never found or thought of a use for it outside of the rare packed lunch, however after watching various TV shows that show you how to clean things the DIY way, I found out for myself that silver foil is great for cleaning silver jewellery and silverware that has lost it’s shine.  It couldn’t be easier!  All you need is a roll of kitchen foil, baking soda or pure bicarbonate of soda and a bowl or bucket, depending on how much silver you want to clean.

a tip tuesday silver cleaning bicarrb

1. Line your bowl or bucket with the foil.

2. Pour some bicarbonate of soda onto the foil

3. Put the jewellery/silverware you want cleaning into the container and pour water into this container

4. Leave your silver to soak for a good few hours, the grubbier it is, the longer it will need.  A good tip for extremely lacklustre jewellery is to leave it soak overnight.  Result!

a silverware

Glitter nail polishes are an exciting beauty purchase to make for a sparkling mani or pedi.  However, not so exciting when it comes to removing it.  It can take hours and hours of hard rubbing and lots and lots of nail polish remover, by which time your house smells like solvent station and you’ve run out of cotton wool pads!

b set in stonesa set in stones

Take a tip from make-up pros Illamasqua and introduce silver foil to this horrible, smelly job!

1. Soak several cotton pads in an acetone rich nail polish remover

2. Wrap the remover soaked cotton pads around your glittery nails

3. To hold the pads on your nails for 20-30 seconds, wrap strips of the silver foil around the pads.  After 20 or 30 seconds the glitter nail polish should slide off with ease!

4. Be sure to discard of your used foil and cotton pads somewhere that won’t stink out your house!

a glitter nail poplish removal with silva foill


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