Bartlett’s Beauty Buzz: The Boho Girls’ Guide To Beauty Without Cruelty…

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We’re a nation of animal lovers and I can imagine many of you are reading this in the company of your four legged friend, while I write this in the company of my beloved dog.  At the same time, there are a variety of personal care and cosmetic products used by all of us every day at some point, in a rush in the morning we often take the deodorant, foundation or hair products for granted and just use them like we do on a daily basis, without thinking how they were made or tested for safe human use.  Chances are you’ve used a product this morning that was tested on a defenceless rabbit, rat, or mouse in a laboratory.  The good news is more worldwide brands are wising up on the cruel trade which is product testing on animals, and subsequently agreeing to stop their suffering. has the longest lists of cosmetic, personal care and even cleaning products that have been awarded the leaping bunny logo.  

This means any product on these lists has pulled out of testing their products on innocent animals and do not allow third parties to do so on their behalf.  Brands such as Urban Decay, Jane Iredale and the Body Shop, to name but a few, are committed to newer, more accurate technologies to test their latest products, none of which involves a furry friend.  
Bohemian-style make-up majors Julep (, do not test their products on animals either and boast several vegan-friendly products.  Julep also bought us the mighty phenomenon that is their Maven subscription, from $19.99-$24.99 a month, you get sent a box of the latest nail polish and beauty gems, and the boxes are customisable, with the option of skipping a month or sending a box to a friend or family member.  Every box will contain over $40 worth of products for a small monthly subscription price!  You’ll fall in love with the vibrant nail colours on the Julep site, which gives you the opportunity to find your unique “style profile,” it’s definitely one of the best ethical beauty brands I’ve discovered!
Urban Decay may have ceased experimenting on animals but haven’t compromised on generating beauty with an edge; their 24/7 Glide On Eye & Lip pencils come in a spectrum of colours and are easy to apply.  

Whilst Googling “beauty without cruelty” I came across a website selling quality cosmetics called just that! Beauty Without Cruelty, or BWC (  


The best way to support animal rights and movements against animal testing is to switch to some cruelty free brands.  The leaping bunny symbol is your green light for ethical beauty.   

Looking your best and being well groomed brings out many a persons’ natural beauty, animal testing is the ugly side of beauty that shouldn’t exist.  



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