SS15 Footwear Focus: Louboutin Lovelies You’ll Find Hard To Take Off!

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France does a sterling job at appetizing us with the lovely addictive gems we so love to treat ourselves to.  The French know more than a thing or two about skincare and cosmetics (I gave fellow French brand NARS a glittering review in my last post), handbags and shoes, amongst other style essentials.  Christian Louboutin’s collection for Spring is a juicy carnival of colours and patterns.  If shoes were food, these pretties would be the finest mouth watering desserts!

a two minty image louboutina A MINTY LOUBOUTIN

Louboutin’s signature red sole just sets the seal of quality and sets a pair of Louboutins apart from the rest.  Christian is one of the best employers of unexpected hues in his shoe designs and keeps a beady eye on what’s on trend always.  Mint green is a cool colour for those spring days. They are like Refresher Sweets for your feet… remember them?

aa refreshaa

You won’t want to take these tropical treats off your feet!

c tropics open toed strappy louboutinnb tropical louboutin solee

This SS15, every trend has been utilised and amped up to the max with  pops of colour.  Brights and block colour are enjoying their stay and my favourites of this collection are the metallic courts adorned with rock-studs in a variety of colours (top image and below).

a lovely studdedd

Like many a shoe-a-holic I have a second favourite, which have to be these block colour beauties, which have managed to tick every style box with their fringing, straps, peep-toes and multiple summery shades.

b blocl colour strap tassy multi trend louboutinsb tassy back view block colour louboutins

Hard, clean cut stripes and transparent peek-a-boo detailing make up the “Bandy” courts, which Jennifer Lopez has been spotted wearing.  The Bandy design is available in several colour combinations and includes a lower-heeled kitten style which is just right for pepping up those sleek office ensembles!

c candy stripe bandy louboutins courta bandyb lopes wearing bandyk kitten bandy style red white black office good one

Amongst all of these vertiginous stilhettos, Christian sneaked in some rather fab skyscraper platforms…

c louboutin platts

This, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, is probably the jazziest high-end shoe collection you have ever seen!

d beady louboutin r

f four of the best trend boxes ticked


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