Beauty Secret Sunday: Make Up & Its Shelf Life…

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aab lifespan of make up

Every food stuff you’ll pick up in your grocery shop has a use by and sell by date no doubt.  However, did you know the contents of your make up bag also have a shelf life?  If you don’t buy cosmetics very often, you probably didn’t know lipstick has a lifespan and different products “go bad” at different speeds.  If you’re a person who is constantly replacing their cosmetics, the good news is, make-up doesn’t pass it’s use by date as fast as food!  Some products only need to be invested in annually; good news if you’re trying to fix your drugstore haul downfall!

01 luumFoundation: 1 to 2 years!

One of the best bits of beauty advice I ever got was to invest in a good foundation, to find one that became a second skin.  Quality foundations that bring out the best in your complexion can knock a hole in your purse, but they can last up to two years.  I usually near the end of a 30ml pump jar of L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique (£10.99) after 12 months.  It’s not the priciest one I have used, however it fits my face like the right pair of jeans.

aaaCream Products: 12 to 18 months!

The world of beauty, over the years, has been moving away from dry, powdery formulas and discovered that cream concealers, blushers, bronzers, eye shadows and multi-use cosmetics in creamy formulas offer the wearer a softer-focus, better blended look and greater comfort when sitting on the face all day.  I was amazed to learn how long creams really last… up to a year and a half!  the secret couldn’t be simpler; replace the cap after each use, to prevent your cream make-up from drying out.

pp power pay offsPowder: 2 years!

And the winner of the item with the best staying power… Powder. Light dusting… maximum colour payoff! Powder products are one of the longest lasting products in make-up bags all around the world!  You only need to buy them every two years!

alipglosseighteennLipgloss & Lipstick: 18 months!

Lipglosses and lipsticks are the items most present in my make-up bag, I must admit; I can’t stop buying them! MAC, NARS, L’Oreal Glam Shines, Maybelline and Rimmel all make themselves at home in my collection.  If you have a particular favourite that’s special to you, good news! Lippies last over a year, 18 months to be precise.

tt two years pencilPencils: 2 years!

Like powder products, eye pencils and lip pencils are dry in formula and have the same lifespan.  Sharpen them once in a while for a crisp, precise application.

bb benefit theyre real three month dateMascara: 3 months!

Shortest shelf life award goes to mascara! Twelve weeks (3 months). After 3 months more clumps on the brush and in the tube are present , mascara dries out after this time, too.  Mascara that’s not been thrown away after three months will harbour millions of the bacteria that cause painful and messy eye infections, conjunctivitis can lead to a more severe infection, bleferitis… yuk!


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