Vickonomics: Stateside Savings… It’ll Cost Less In The U.S.!

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According to an independent spending study carried out by British Airways, UK residents continue to pay over the odds for the latest Apple technologies, branded quality clothing and shoes and top performing cosmetics and skincare.  Some of you may be reading this and reminiscing about your American adventures no doubt.  According to Claire Bentley, who is the managing director of British Airways Holidays, New York is the world’s best shopping destination, simply because whatever you choose to buy, you will get more for your money!  If you’re thrifty enough, the savings you make could even pay for your hotel and flights!

If you’re heading across the pond anytime soon, and you’re looking to replace/upgrade an all important smartphone or tablet, don’t sample the UK’s almost forbidden fruit…. Instead, wait till you land in the Big Apple to take a bite out of Apple…
If you want to treat yourself to one of these, they are a staggering £106 cheaper in the US than in the UK!  
Apple iPad Air 16gb, English price £399, American price $461.50, which works out at £293!
The same bargain can be enjoyed if you’re a game guy or girl with an enthusiasm for the state of the art consoles, the XBOX One also costs £293 in America, yet £399 in the UK.  Living in the UK ain’t that bad I suppose, but oh my we don’t half pay through the nose for gadgets! 
Big Dipper savings in America extend way beyond the iPads and joy-sticks; many classic wardrobe investments are much reduced, too!
Marc Jacobs’ sleek, roomy Goodbye Columbus tote will set you back a staggering £530 in GB, stateside, however, it is £352… Saving: £178!
The saving on the Tiffany’s engagement rocks is phenomenal… you’ll be charged to the tune of £10,300 to pop the question in England, while over in the States the same engagement rings are a more realistic £7,477… Saving £2,823!
Shopping trips entail walking, walking and more walking… If classic Uggs are your comfy shoe of choice, don’t buy a new pair to pack, here’s why you should wait till you’re there…

Ugg Classic Short Boots, England… £150, America… £91.29.  Saving: £58.71!  Happy feet, happy wallet!
The trendy “Homies” t-shirts, as spotted on stars such as Mena Suvari, are also massively reduced….
Kids’ Homies T-shirt… England, £35.  America, £28.  Saving: £7!
Kids are constantly growing out of garments, and isn’t it amazing how style conscious they can be, even at a young age!  Young trends are something you can’t afford to ignore if you have little ones, especially if you have a teen who thinks you are a cash machine!  The saving on branded trainers and Converse style shoes will amaze older children.

Nike Dunk High Be True ID Trainers… In England they’re £95, however in the US of A, they’re a purse friendlier £55.93, Saving you £39.07!

America provides opportunities aplenty to stock up on branded jeans such as Levi and J Crew.

J Crew Stretch Matchstick Jeans, £125 in the UK.  In the US they are… £73!  Saving you: £52! Savings like these equal better value for money so here’s the opportunity to stock up on pairs of jeans, t-shirts, pairs of kicks, and even cosmetics!

Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream.  English purse assault: £42, realistic American price: £27.39… Saving: £14.61!

MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lipglass.  British Beauty Blowout price of this product is £14, however, here’s an excuse to bulk out your make-up bag over there… the same pout perfector is £8.83 in the US! Saving £5.17!

UK shoppers’ purses are taking a pounding, no pun intended, because the Sterling is at a high since hitting $1.70 in 2009.  Meanwhile, American residents and those who holiday to the US are taking advantage of this.  And why not? Why pay over the odds for fashion essentials, beauty basics and those juicy Apple must-haves? Where there’s a bargain, there’s a saving!


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