Weekend Discoveries That Made Me Go WOW!

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Yesterday I dared to boldly go where I have not been in a long time… Birmingham.  The last time I went there seems like ages ago even though the last time I went to B’ham it was for a training workshop at Birmingham City University.  I’d just forgotten how big the city actually is and I must’ve counted about 4 H&M stores!  My sister came along as part of her birthday celebrations; our first stop: Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.  The Love Is Enough exhibition which showcases the best works of William Morris and Andy Warhol was amazing; even though photography was prohibited I am glad it was ten times better than what I expected it to be.  Morris’ repetitive continual pattern wallpaper was a backdrop for the most controversial Warhol paintings, a showcase of some of the most memorable pop art images like the make-up clashing Marilyn Monroe & the Electric Chair.  


Even though we weren’t allowed to take photos, the gift shop was well stocked with prints of the best of both the artists adorned on cards, fridge magnets and post cards.  Warhol’s words of wisdom for life spiced things up, too!  

Going to resist the urge to write to family and friends with these beauties while I’m on vacation… so my new bookmarks await me!  

Awash with high street, high-end and high-discount stores, Brum’s the destination in which no one goes home empty handed.  There was not one thing me and my sister did not want to look at yesterday.



Away from the hustle and bustle of the Bullring and Pavillions shopping malls is a rather individual collective of independent stalls housed in one big warehouse-style building.  



Birmingham’s Rag Market is just as busy as all of the other retail hotspots and sells a lot more than rags!  If you’ve got an eye for a bargain, or you’re after some nice bone china (my sister treated herself to a traditional Royal Albert cup and saucer!), something nice for your home or just something special, this is your one-stop shop.  There is a stall selling just about everything and there is definitely something for everyone.  It’s the biggest indoor market possible in the Midlands.  



Whether you’re looking for a good read, fabrics for your DIY projects or a new collar for your pooch, space will be in short supply on most stalls.  However the trick here is to wait patiently and be willing to queue for lengthy periods.  You eventually get to buy what you want if you wait!  Didn’t spend long enough in there, and really need a whole day to properly discover everything the Rag Market has to offer! 

Birmingham is perfect if you like a mix of designer and high street, and the odd independent shop be it a designer outlet or a jeweller; speaking of which we came across one who’s pieces were out of this world, the display was missing some price tags, and by the looks of things, the few that were spotted were very well hidden!  We were guessing how much the various gems would probably cost… This Lana Del Rey style emerald knuckle duster had to be my favourite piece… Any guesses on how much it would be …?  


3 thoughts on “Weekend Discoveries That Made Me Go WOW!

    1. Your blog’s excellent and your DIY Chanel vase looks so easy to make; gonna have to make one of those!

      I am constantly looking at what my favourite designers are up to, I often look at how they have made the connection to the high street, too. This way, you can tell people how to achieve the look of the latest trends without parting with too much time or money. People like trends that can be acquired economically in this day in age.

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