Mani Motivation: Be Red-dy For The Most Loathed Day!

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If you’ve forever associated run of the mill, mundane Monday to the colour Red, you’re not the only person who’s established the day/shade connection! Monday’s strong rapport with red stems from the aura of alertness and sense of “let’s do this thing!” associated with fiery cherry, scarlet, pillar-box and rock candy hues.  

If you rocked something red today, well done you!  Wearing something red to work signals you’re on the ball, ready for the next throng of tight deadlines and challenging projects ahead!  


Nail Mondays with 6 sexy red manis that’ll add classic glamour to any occasion!
My favourites have to be these beauties… 

ESSENCE: £1.60 each

1. Hey, Love: a generous smattering of true red glitter collaborates with a clear jelly base.  You’ll need tons of time on your hands to achieve full opaque coverage, which can take up to 4 coats! 


2. A Hint Of Love: this sleek rock candy red employs millions of subtle micro glitter particles, all of which contribute to the overall shimmer of Essence’s favourite shade!  

ESSIE: £7.99 each

3. Leading Lady: deep cherry is introduced to metallic red glitter to bring whoever wears this glamorous hue centre stage whether in the boardroom or the bar!   

4. Dress To Kilt: a suits-all, forward thinking cherry that’s sexy yet sporty! 

5. Russian Roulette: a bright red with orange undertones, a fiery head-turner for the risk takers who love living dangerously! 

  OPI: £11.50 each 

6. Danke Shiny Red: this satin scarlet will look great on whoever slips into it! 



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