Life-Size Models: A Body Image Boost! Curves & Confidence Can Work! 

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At Ahlens, a Swedish department store, normal sized mannequins were introduced to model underwear. Instead of a size 00, these girls were sizes 12 and 16.  With the average woman being a 14, these realistically sized mannequins are a nod in the right direction to positive body image and women everywhere feeling confident in their own skin, irrespective of size.  What a refreshing change to the wafer-like catwalk expectation, if these girls were to come to life they would embrace their curves in the right places and their ability to rock these garments with the same confidence as their slimmer counterparts.  

Mannequins are more life-like when they reflect the sizes of the real life women who will be snapping up the underwear and clothes they are promoting, therefore reducing feelings of negative body image amongst shoppers.



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