Beauty Secret Sunday: Mega Watt Matte Make-up Favourites!

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 Mega matte revolution: many have been taking advantage of such an unconventional beauty trend, revered for its no-fuss application and aura of vintage glamour synonymous with gone but not forgotten screen icons.  
 Cosmetic companies have enjoyed a much needed sales boost thanks to products that can safely be dubbed as make-up oxymorons… matte lip gloss, matte nail polish. Who’d have thought taking away the shine would make the beauty industry shine brighter!  

 Some of my favourite “matte” products have come from Essence Cosmetics; they’ve always kept watch of the freshest beauty trends. Most of their products cost under five pounds and are sold at many Wilkinson stores! Good news for people who don’t want to pay over the odds for a gorgeous shade of nail varnish or lippy!  

Lip liners can double up as the perfect matte lip colour; you can have something to eat or drink, or spend time snogging your significant other and the hit of colour won’t fade or be smattered all over your face like lipstick or gloss.  Best of all, it creates a look of timeless glamour alone, doesn’t require consistent re-application and most mould to your pout for a bare-lip sensation!  Josephine De La Baume loves lip pencils!


The variety offered by MAC have to be my favourites for choice of colours, durability and wearability.  Paired with MAC’s Dazzleglass they’re the perfect backdrop to a plump, sparkling pout for a touch of evening glamour.  


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