CocoCrazy! For The White Stuff Everyone’s Using!

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Coconut Oil has been used for as long as anyone can remember as an alternative to many cooking oils and ingredients.  Oil pulling to whiten your teeth is the age old tradition that’s made it’s way back in a big way.  TOWIE legends are amongst the throng of celebrities that are ordering fresh-flavoured oil pulling sachets from CocoWhite (  CocoWhite sachets come in three breath-freshening flavours and deliver a much needed detox to rid your mouth of the nasty plaque bacteria that can make your pearly whites not so white.  The secret to making coconut oil products work their magic on your gnashers is to put a teaspoon of the stuff in your mouth and swish it around your whole mouth, concentrating on your teeth for anything from 5 to 20 minutes each day.  The longer you swish the better, because this magic potion also prevents gum disease and cavities, your surprise dental bills will be history!  Within days, you’ll notice your smile that is several shades whiter and feel the difference too!  I’ve only oil pulled twice and couldn’t be more impressed with the 24 hour fresh feeling it gives your whole mouth!

cca coco co white

mm minty fresh coco co

(Minty Fresh has to be the most ordered flavour, scores of people are taking up the 14 day oil pulling detox for a whiter smile, this product is a celeb favourite!)

If you’ve ever tried oil pulling before, you’ll know the sensation takes some getting used to, however coconut oil is an all rounder, and doesn’t just stop at oral hygiene!

oo optima raw

As sold at many health-food shops and supermarkets, a big jar of organic, raw virgin coconut oil acts as a shot of conditioning hair nutrition when you’re just split-end central, is an instant lip salve and the ultimate make-up remover; it makes light work of sweeping away the nemesis of most expensive make-up removers… waterproof mascara!  When I heard of the many benefits of coconut oil, there was no stopping me, I’ve not only oil pulled but trialled it as a make-up remover and I am most impressed, it also gave some rescue to my weathered hair too.  It’s refreshing taste and feel will create the sensation of being in a Bounty commercial!

aa vanilla a swirl coco white

(CocoWhite Vanilla Swirl flavour would be like an ice-cream flavour treat to clean your teeth!)

cc llight lemonn oil pull

(Light Lemon CocoWhite is just what you need in the morning to invigorate a tired mouth!)

Coconut oil has been dubbed the healthiest oil ever and can be your new best friend if you have a range of health complaints; many skin diseases will be improved and healed with its use such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea and fungal infections.  It also kills the fungus responsible for those yucky yeast infections and many other bacteria and viruses.  Furthermore coconut oil improves both types of diabetes, helps hypothyroidism, increases metabolism and raises body temperature.  Alzheimer’s sufferers and many others with memory loss have also benefitted from an improvement in their symptoms.  Many are making it a drug free alternative.

bb baonaa

There are so many reasons to invest in a jar of coconut oil; a little bird tells me it’s also a sparkling natural shoe polish that can relieve toenail and foot fungus while you’re down there!  You won’t have this magic potion sitting in your cupboards doing nothing!

cc coconut oil


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