Bargain Beauty: Magazine Freebies Step Up A Gear! 

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Premium beauty brands seem to enjoy their collaboration with glossy magazines you’ll pick up in a supermarket or at your local store. Over the years, free gifts have much improved in terms of value and quality.   
Magazines aren’t a regular purchase for me, even though I was reading Glamour by 14; no beauty bargain tops a £2 glossy including a free professional eyeliner worth £12!

Australian beauty brand Model Co, renowned for their high performing cosmetics, all natural skincare and tanning products gifted Glamour Magazine with a load of their eye-liner pencils to give away to readers in the current July issue.

My free eyeliner got its first use this morning and I can’t praise enough how it glided effortlessly into a mess-free line.  The formula of this Model Co eye pencil is unbeatable with its high definition colour pay off.

It’s not just Glamour that are treating their readers; Red Magazine are giving away free REN Skincare lip balms worth £9.

Holiday reading matter and high-end cosmetics in one package, for as little as £2?  Yes, it’s possible!


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