Capsule Wardrobe Packing Secrets & Travel Mini Mania: Long-Haul To Short Overhaul!

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If you love going on vacation and travelling, you’ll know there is one little thing that’s really not to love… the baggage allowance!  different airlines have different baggage allowances, which will make your packing – which should be another fun part – undoubtedly confusing! Been there, done that, chucked out some heavy unnecessary stuff!  One year one airline told us we were allowed 15kg and the next we booked our vacation with a different airline who allowed 20kg.  Another handy tip is to keep a small amount of money in your normal currency handy at the airport, at check in once, we got (not so) pleasantly surprised with a fee for putting our cases on the plane.  Luckily it was no swelling from our wallets, but it just proves how well hidden the “hidden” charges are!

bb baggage allowancesMoS2 Template Master

I’ll soon be packing for my short tour of Wales and travelling by train not plane means I can take advantage of taking what I want, if I want to!  All the other passengers on our little Arriva train looked on in disbelief the first time my Vic-mobile was in tow.  I had to stow it in the larger luggage holder at the end of the carriage and could clearly hear gasps of “oh gosh,” and “can you manage?” behind me as I was getting it off the shelf.  The Vic-mobile is a Beverly Hills Polo Club, wheeled, hard-shell luggage trolley style case which can hold enough for a 1-2 week getaway.  It’s the type of luggage someone would take long-haul, and here was me with one on a train!

aa vic mobile

The past two times, however, packing a capsule wardrobe and travelling light with a large weekender bag couldn’t have been more fun!  To be honest, the more stuff you take, the more you worry about losing it and the more you keep an eye on your stuff.  To me it isn’t a holiday if you keep having to check, check and check!

bba ployvoresss south america simmer

I’ve long mastered the art of mix n’ match thanks to mobile app Polyvore, which allows you to put together outfits by creating picture collages of clothes and accessories.  It’s really helped rethink my holiday packing habits.  I was guilty of taking a load of stuff I ended up not using or wearing, adding kilograms and kilograms.  Now, I’m the one who ensures I purchase the shoes or the bag that will go with all of my holiday dresses.

bb boho on a budgetppp polyvore a playsuit to azzessorise

The good thing about travelling light is that plenty of stores have bought out travel-size toiletries, some of which you can even safely get through airport security without confiscation!

some of the summer essentials I swear by will also fit in the tiniest of handbags!

A Model Recommends Co Lab Dry Shampoo; if you don’t wish to wash beach-beaten locks every day, this is your go-to root-reviver.  The 50ml minis are cheap, cheerful and come in the same gorgeous city-inspired fragrances as the full size cans: London, New York, Paris, Rio and Tokyo.  Dry shampoo is an aerosol though so be sure to put it safely in your cabin luggage!

aa model reccommends co lab mini city fragg

Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Sticks, £8 at selected Lloyds pharmacies and Feel Unique (, offer the all important sun protection with SPF 15 whilst ensuring a smooth pout.  These Lip Butters are available in a variety of shades, each with different pattern on the tube.  I am lucky to have stumbled upon my favourite all-natural Greek skincare and cosmetic brand in my local Lloyds pharmacy.  If some of you are finding Korres hard to find, they have their own website you can order from, too:

pp pink kk korres bbutterkk korres mandarin butter stick

You’ll also be amazed to find Primark are great for travel-size minis, they even stock a handbag friendly Simple hydrating facial moisturiser for £1, including many other popular products, all £1!  we’re talking Herbal Essences shampoo/conditioner, Listerine mouthwash and Sure deodorant.  It saves you packing your full-size version from home, which was probable pricier!

sss simple pradamarklll listerine mini

Larger Boots stores and Superdrug also stock a near-endless range of hair-care, skincare and other essentials in mini versions, of course cheaper than their full-size family members!

Happy Packing everyone!


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