Summer Survival Tip Alert! DIY Mosquito Itch Solutions!

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Whilst most of us sail through our summer unscathed and bite free, there will forever be the unfortunate few who the mosquitos love, just a little too much!

Let’s face it, when you’re looking forward to some care-free days filled with sun, sea, sand and sangria, you’re ever ready in the freshest trends and being peppered with little red reminders of unwanted attention looks unsightly.  This is one vacation souvenir you don’t want…

bb bitess


There is, however, a sigh of relief, thank goodness for these at home remedies most of us will find in our kitchens!  I bet you weren’t expecting this lot to work, but amazingly, they do!  Just rubbing one of these things on the incessant itch of a mossie bite will work as well as all of those store bought bite solutions.

ss six mosquito life hacks

If you’ve always suffered badly when bitten, this is one of life’s little hacks you can’t afford to miss out on.  After all, you may find DIY relief does the job better for you than a chemical-laden remedy you bought from the drugstore.  These all-natural alternatives are well worth a try!


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