Summer Snack Time: Berry & Almond Bark!

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This is so easy and fun to make and one of those recipes you can play around with where it comes to the varieties of ingredients.    
You’ll need one of those massive pots of natural or Greek Style yogurt (I used Onken Vanilla!), some sliced up fruit pieces or berries of your choice (pick fruits you like, I picked blueberries and raspberries), you can also add nuts, almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon is a good natural sweetener. You’ll also need a flat baking tray.  

Pour and spread the yogurt into a thick, even layer that is the same thickness throughout your tray.  

Add your fruits/berries/nuts, you can use a little, you can use a lot! Ensure you bury some of the fruit into the mixture so the yogurt and fruit bond properly.  

 When you’re satisfied with your creation, freeze it for 2 hours. Your goal is a hardened slab of bark that is still the right consistency for people to chew. 

You can cut your bark into bars or squares to serve to family/friends. This will be a hit with everyone on a hot day!  

Some of the recipes I have read recommend you grease your tray lightly and slip in a non-stick baking parchment. I must admit, my first try turned out amazing without these two things! This is the beauty of such an easy recipe for a refreshing summer alternative to chocolate biscuits or sugar laden cereal bars. Next time I may try strawberry and pistachio. 


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