On The GEO Trail For A Splash Of Quirk…?Just Buy A RI Bag Or Purse!

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Monster Tote Bag, £50.00, (above).


Monster Cosmetics Case, £15.00

Still trawling the stores for the perfect piece of arm candy to offset your everyday look?  Look no further than River Island.  If there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s luggage cases, handbags and purses with their style mile button firmly set to accelerate.  These beauties are anything but sublime; once you own a little geometric print, fringed tapestry, or psychedelic fur, you’ll want to do nothing by half!


Monster Luggage Wheelie, £75.00 

Glance closely at the thoughtfully placed pieces of the geo pattern on this wheelie, and it actually makes up a monster’s face!  Really good for the repelling of jealous airport baggage handlers!  Detachable details like the popping orange pom-pom and mini monster will make that airport carousel a breeze!


Blue Patchwork Tote Bag, £47.00

If you’re looking for a bag that’s a little less loud, RI’s blue patchwork tote will see you through A/W 2015 and beyond!


Monster Cross-body Bag, £30.00

This little monster is the perfect evening companion for all those little things you just can’t leave behind!  The eyes have it, for staving off some serious clutch envy!


Cat-Eye Coin Purse, £12.00

Of course, cuter monsters of the green-eyed type will be a hit with all you crazy cat lovers!  River Island’s edgy bags and purses ooze tons of character, whether they’re geometric, animalic, or of the tapestry type…


Geometric Print Winged Tote, £47.00


Fringed Tapestry Tote, £47.00

Pops of pink and yellow have added extra amps to one of the cosiest, timeless trends for these chain-handled bags, faux fur, of course!


Faux Fur Chain Bags, £28.00 each, available in Pink and Yellow


You’re likely to not “blend” in with one of these gems, and rest assured, there’s little risk of losing this lot!


Split Colour Detachable Pom-pom for bags, £7.00


Super-stripe fold-over purse, £17.00


Leopard print fold-over purse, £18.00


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