Wolverhampton’s Very Own… Bespoke Dessert Stop!

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The Little Dessert Shop is the place to stop for a sweet treat, if you’re in bustling Wolverhampton and quite fancy a bite to eat with a difference, this Alladdin’s cave packed full of delicious delights is the place to be!
   An Oreo Waffle!

It’s impossible to favourite just one tasty dessert dish, but the bestselling Ferrero Fantasy waffle, £6.50, tops my list of fancies. If you’re a fan of the moorish Ferrero Rocher chocolates, you’ll love this rocky hill of a waffle, which is topped with several of the chocolates, Nutella, gelato ice cream and sprinklings of hazelnut. 

  the popular Ferrero Fantasy! 

Every goody on the extensive menu, which is made up of 65 dishes and counting!, is a substantial meal size, some of which come with generous scoops of ice cream, of which there is 40 flavours to choose from! The variety at the Little Dessert Shop is limitless, the staff are just excellent at creating something scrumptious for everyone, so get ready to wait in a long queue that sometimes stretches up the street!  The menu is also home to the best coffees, smoothies, milkshakes and mocktails you can drink in the city! 


the famous Ferrero Fantasy is the best selling dish at the Little Dessert Shop! 

Since it’s inception only in recent months, the enjoyable treats at The Little Dessert shop has seen the eatery amass over 20,000 facebook likes and over 1,600 Instagram followers, Wolverhampton’s best kept eating secret is out! An out of this world waffle, crepe or cheesecake wedge from the Little Dessert Shop is well worth that diet fail!  The most calofiric of all the desserts is the option to “build your own,” where you get an empty waffle basket or crepe and fill this with as many toppings and ice cream flavours of your choice; the possibilities are endless!

Long queues into this eatery aren’t an uncommon sight!  

 Crepes are also part of the endless menu! 

Where else can you find an Oreo flavoured or bubblegum cheesecake? Their ability to generate desserts only most people can dream of has been the key to it’s success, it’s just a different class altogether, which is what is attracting an ever-growing long line of customers.  
  Bubblegum Cheesecake!

Demand for slices of heaven on a plate has seen the Little Dessert Shop increase its workforce from 20 to 40, inclusive of waiters and waitresses that deliver to your table and, to accommodate it’s steady stream, there’s plenty of seats in the basement.  

 You’ll find the Little Dessert Shop at 31 Queen Street in Wolverhampton, which is open from 11am until 11pm. Weekends and evenings tend to be the busiest times.  




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