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As a fashion blogger I’ve always admired style and beauty initiatives that give something back to a good cause or community organisation.  There’s thousands of fun ways to fundraise for a charity of your choice, you don’t have to sky dive or bunji jump if you don’t want to!

You can even raise masses of vital funds online, Go Fund Me is the #1 place to be to crowd-fund.  It’s so easy to set up your own campaign and set a target for what you hope to raise.  People donating to this site have changed a lot of lives!  After hearing of the work of a local service I’ve decided to start up my own campaign to help benefit every person who comes through the door of the drop-in for people affected by ASD… 

Have a rummage on and have a look at the various good causes you could potentially help, mine is called Puzzle Pieces 4 DART
If you live in the West Midlands and know someone affected by autism, you may or may not be aware of the wonderful work of Autism West Midlands.  


Their various activities and support groups provide opportunities aplenty to socialise whilst enjoying games and refreshment.  

DART (Dudley Autism Resource Team) at the Oakfield Centre in Brierley Hill provides those affected by Autism and their families a chance to meet others going through the same ups and downs.  

   Autism Statistics from the US

 Autism affects 1 in 60 in the UK and 1 in 88 in the USA.  27% of people believe it only affects children! 

Autism is a lifelong condition, there’s no cure. This year, more children and young people will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than with muscular dystrophy, leukemia, diabetes and paediatric AIDS. It remains the most expensive to treat in terms of cost, yet cuts to services and funding means support groups like DART do what they do on a shoestring budget, often encouraging their service users to donate.  
CDC identify 1 in 68 children have/will be affected by an ASD

DART is to be fully funded by service users from May 2016, this means people affected by the fastest growing developmental disability face the prospect of paying for all aspects of their support group. Only 15% of adults with autism are in stable work, so a lot of people who drop-in at DART to play games, chat and have a cup of tea / coffee are reliant on welfare benefits, which have also experienced unkind cuts.

I’m crowd-funding for this second to none service because it plays a vital role in the community where I live and there are more people affected by autism than I could begin to imagine before I discovered it. They’ve been a god-send at improving confidence and enhancing quality of life. Times are tough, people scrimp and save wherever they can, but to coin a phrase from Tesco, every little helps! Whether it’s £1 or £10, the difference made by all contributions can change a life! 


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