Mani Monday: Instant Nail Trend…

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So today’s a rather wet bank holiday and some of you may have decided on a cosy day at home, can’t say I blame you!  I’m having an easy morning after a productive weekend of seeing family and friends and researching trends.  


 I’ve rediscovered the beauty phenomenon that is crackle effect nail polish.  The amount of great looks you can create is endless… 
  Models Own, Nails Inc, Avon, OPI and Barry M have all released their own crackle nail polishes.  A crackle manicure is so easy to achieve at home, just paint 1 or 2 coats of a normal nail colour, wait for this to dry and apply a coat of crackle nail polish on top, my pick is Barry M’s blue crackle.  The polish will crackle instantly in front of your very eyes!  To keep your masterpiece, wait a few minutes for your look to dry and apply a top coat, top coat is also good at sharpening the colour into high definition.

OPI Tomorrow Never Dies with Barry M blue Crackle Instant Nail Effects over the top! 

Crackle nail polishes can be worn over any colour and they’re the least fiddly nail art to do, you don’t need any fine detail pens or brushes, so lower maintenance than some of the other nail art trends out there!  

Avon’s crackle nail polishes are called Mosaic Effects 

If you’re a nail art beginner, this is one quick, effortless trend you have to try!



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