Beauty Tuesday: Essence Haul & Dupe Alert!

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Lately I’ve been collecting various bits and bobs for my next vacation and couldn’t resist a rummage around Dudley’s Wilkinson store.  

Continuing on my mission to downsize my luggage, I was after mini travel bottles, but the main attraction is the much extended Essence Cosmetics stand, my delight at finding the nail polish shades I thought I could only get on their site (, I came away with 3 beauties today.  Essence nail polishes, like the majority of the Easence cosmetics, are priced with the budget-savvy, thrifty fashionista in mind, without compromising on style and trend inches.  At £1.60, The Gel nail polishes come in a bottomless spectrum of shades and finishes, some shades are satin, matte and even “oil-slick.”  It’s hard to choose just one favourite shade!  The two I’m currently loving are Paradise, the Oil-Slick (Essence’s phrase for colour-flipping duochrome) seafoam blue-green which is flooded with a gold pearlescent shimmer.  I’ve never come across a nail colour so beautifully unique! 

Essence The Gel in Paradise, £1.60!

Let’s not forget Girl’s Best Friend, a light sanding of gold micro fine glitter which is intercepted with larger rocks of silver glitter.  Girl’s Best Friend is like a blingy, rocky beach trip for your nails!

Girl’s Best Friend, £1.60, Essence

I can’t help but notice it’s striking resemblance to Essie’s Hors d’Oveures, if you forgot what this one looked like, here’s a blast from the past, winter 2013 to be precise!

Essie Hors d’Oveures, £7.99, part of the Winter 2013 Encrusted Treasures collection.  

Just goes to show more purse-friendly brands like Essence are just as ahead of the beauty and nail trends as the likes of Essie and OPI, who’s polishes are way pricier.  

I couldn’t resist the temptation of spangly Effect nail polish in Hidden Garden, an eclectic party of gold glitter and multi-colour sparkles is just one of many Twinkling Bling Bling glitters, another mould-breaking nail trend, and Essence’s are a reasonable £2.00. 


Party in a bottle! Essence Hidden Garden, £2.00!

Over the last few years, the manicure market has been experiencing a massive creative boom with nail art pens, transfers, gel-polishes, glitter effects and much more, with social media and YouTube turning into the new trend alert magazines.  In 2015, more people now find it economically better to browse a make-up website or watch a tutorial than to buy a glossy magazine, so a budget friendly brand which doesn’t compromise on quality or style miles like Essence is excellent news for the industry, it makes the latest in beauty accessible to a lot more people looking to save a pretty penny!


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