SS16 Spoiler: There’s Beauty In The Boring @ Moschino! 

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Lots of hi-vis and road signs are paving the way for Jeremy Scott’s Moschino collection for SS16. Once again, for Moschino’s latest collection, eccentricity isn’t taking a back seat, yet, Jeremy Scott is working his magic making practical look pretty!  

 Workin’ the Windex! Bella Hadid wears an outfit themed on window cleaner at Moschino’s Milan SS16 show


 The audience at the recent Milan show were treated to yellow hard hats and Windex iPhone cases, yes you read right!
 Jeremy Scott’s unique quality to see beauty in the boring has seen him glamourise the usually menial world of roadworks and construction with his new Moschino collection

As you can tell by the copious amounts of asphalt, LCD safety signs and traffic lights, this new collection pays homage to the construction industry. Jeremy even threw in the funkiest ever car wash for the exciting unveiling.

  Models were “clothed for repairs” in anticipation of all of the “dangerous couture ahead” as they celebrated the sterling work of the lollipop lady and road-works cordons in acid yellow, bright orange and plenty of reflective optic white.  

Road works chic can look ravishing, too! Who said domestic meant dull?


Stop becomes Shop on the Jeremy Scott x Moschino SS16 runway! 

If there’s anything Mr. Scott is good at, it’s throwing light onto the most important industries in the most creative way possible. Who said domestic meant dull? 
This isn’t the first time heads have been turned by his controversial creations; when Moschino’s fast fashion met fast food with a collection of McDonalds inspired outfits & accessories, it didn’t go down well with some fast-food outlet employees on lower wages. “I couldn’t afford a Moschino McDonald’s phone case/bag on my wage,” came one of the responses from one worker, while another claimed the fast food collection unwittingly made fun of people in low-paid jobs.      
Would you like fries with that…? The McDonalds inspired collection that upset a few fast-food outlet employees   
If anything, these are collections that will undoubtedly be toned down on the high street; yet they’re a great way to add a pop of colour and individuality to your look. Moschino are a designer I wish I had more of because I admire the way they take risks, incorporating other industries into their styles – such as construction, McDonalds and even Barbie! – better than any other label. Still not sure about the Windex phone case though, I preferred the teddy bear! 










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