Vickonomics: Don’t Let Latest Drinking Trend Juice Your Wallet!

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Mason jars complete with colourful and stripey straws, sometimes re-useable ones, are the new receptacle to drink your healthy juices and smoothies from and they’ve been used in 2015 in a big way.  


If you have one with metal lid, they’re ideal for on the go, tea parties and picnics.  They’re undoubtedly kitsch and derive from older traditions of glass jar recycling.


Save or splurge…



Mason jars with re-useable straws, £6.75,



Mason jars with re-useable straws, £1 from Poundworld 

The beauty of resurrecting a traditional kitchen and homeware trend like this one is you needn’t spend a lot of money to kit out your picnic basket or accessorise a garden party, the ones I’ve seen at a pound store are identical to pricier ones I’ve seen online. 



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