Mani Monday…

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Right now I’m in love with wines and plums, they’re undoubtedly befitting of this time of year.  Zoya Professional Lacquer in Mason is the ultimate shimmery plum.  This is my favourite autumn and winter purple because it’s eering on the fall plum side whilst still being a pop of colour.  

After a short hiatus from glitters I paired Mason with an accent of OPI’s Gaining Mole-Mentum.  This is a gold made up of hundreds and thousands of angular glitter particles from the Muppets Collection.

 If you love Zoya Nail Polishes and no look is complete without a Zoya manicure, why not tag @zoyanailpolish on Instagram or Twitter with a picture of your mani using the hashtag #EverydayZoya.  Zoya feature a lot of them on their website! 


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