Hello liner lovers…Feline Flicks… made easy!

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Since discovering Pinterest a year and a half ago I have been amazed by all of the mood boards full of some rather useful life hacks.   The most common form of DIY style and beauty inspirations are created out of everyday household items so dirt cheap and bog-standard you couldn’t see their capabilities beyond their intended purpose.

I had to try one of the easiest beauty hacks around and decided to have my first try in front of the camera.  Girls, if your Winehouse-esque eyeliner flick hasn’t quite gone to plan, this video will transform how you line!

I am pretty impressed with my first attempt, but note the gaps!  If you get gaps you probably weren’t brave enough but the guided flick shape will make it miles easier for you to join it all up.  I am so chuffed with today’s mini beauty haul I had to mention my Revlon and REN goodies, too!


This picture suggests you could also use Scotch Sellotape as a makeshift eyeliner stencil, but masking tape is the skin-friendlier beauty addicts’ secret weapon.  For thicker winged liner looks, you could try thinning strips of masking tape with your scissors and sticking a strip in a horizontal line from the inner corner of your eye right to the outer corner, gradually going up diagonally.


I can’t get over how affordable and easy to obtain masking tape is and I was able to get 4 rolls for £1 at a discount store today.  It’s a jack-of-all trades capable of more than just DIY and art crafts; it can also be your best friend if you do your nail art at home!  What better way to help you gague out the ideal French manicure tip!


If you’re about to pick up a roll, be it for nail art, or that sought after winged eyeliner, good luck!

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