Happy Birthday #Fashalia101!

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On 23 October 2014, the diverse style universe was born!  

I had the name Fashalia in my head for ages and blogging for me was a natural progression, having contributed freelance to product review sites and having been a published writer since my teens.  

I simply combined my love of all things style and beauty with my creative writing and put together a WordPress site.  12 months on it has gone from strength to strength and continues to be read in over 100 countries and more recently I’ve took to bringing product and outfit reviews on YouTube.  Thank you to everyone who’s tuned into my channel.

I’m so proud of the amazing things #Fashalia101 has achieved in the space of 12 months; this summer it won 2 online international awards in a week!  Thank you to everyone who nominated me for the Lavender and Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards!  More recently I’ve been added to the list of Top Bloggers on Twitter so I’m on such an impressed high right now, thank you to everyone who visits #Fashalia101!


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