Drugstore Contour vs Simpler Strobing…

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I hope that my latest video will help you make sense of the world’s most intricate beauty trend, contouring.  I’m so fortunate to come across the Chisel Cheeks Contouring palette from Barry M.  Chisel Cheeks makes achieving the perfect sculpted glow as easy as 1,2,3 with a matte trio of highlight and bronze hues for the light and dark parts of your face.

If you’re not contouring, strobing is much simpler than this.  Strobing is highlighting parts of the face that catch the light the easiest with illuminator or highlight powder.  Strobing is lower maintenance and doesn’t involve as many steps as contouring.

I fell in love with strobing this summer and my NARS Illuminator in Silver Factory is a God-send, it delivers instant radiance and promotes that healthy glow.  MAC original Strobe Cream is also a great strobing illuminator so is Benefit High Beam, which has been nicknamed “supermodel in a bottle.”

Be sure to check out my spin-off YouTube channel, this has more snippets of life and cute Charlie and also what I’m up to, etc.  It’s called Very Vicky, here’s the link!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsroiHu4ew0suK63zLIm9CA

The latest video on Very Vicky! https://youtu.be/rcfISOAounY


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