MAC: Top 5 Holy Grail Lipsticks!

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After watching several of these videos on YouTube I decided to review and describe some of my own favourite lipsticks from MAC.  I hope this video helps you if you’re on the quest for the ultimate nude or dusky rose, shades MAC do so well!

Lipstick is one of the products that made MAC famous and a favourite with many stars around the globe.  Had to laugh yesterday when I got mistaken for someone who worked on the MAC counter!  I was wearing a lot of black, probably what fooled them.


My birthday’s in four days, I don’t want to think about being another year older (I’ll give you a clue, a number unlucky for some times by two!) but I’m generally looking forward to it and yesterday I treated myself to Viva Glam II and Honeylove.  If you’re looking for the perfect nude lipstick, look no further than those two!


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In the coming days and weeks I can feel a gift guide or two coming on, before I wrap them all! Exciting times!




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