The New Holy Grail Make-Up Palette: Golden Sugar!

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The latest holy grail make-up item is rather inexpensive, everyone who has marvelled at The Make-Up Revolution’s dupes for Naked eye palettes (Urban Decay holy grail item) has snapped up a Golden Sugar Ultra Blush palette, making them an instant sell out.  

The new crop of must have face perfectors are professional standard, but you don’t need to be on a make-up artist’s wage for it to be within your reach. At £6, Golden Sugar palette plays host to 8 sensational shades of merged blushers, baked bronzers and merged baked highlighters, all of which are wearable for most skin tones.
Upon opening the palette these pearlescent radiance enhancers sit beautifully under a large professional size mirror. I’ve been 3 places in the hope of coming across my own Golden Sugar but these must haves are proving popular in my area and everywhere I went had sold out, if none of your nearest Superdrug stores has any stock, girls you can easily take advantage of The Make Up Revolution’s online stock here:
This is what I’m going to do. Both my sister and I sing the praises of this brand, many of their products are easy dupes for much higher priced ones you’d find in department stores, their nude and smoky eyeshadow palettes are instant copycats of Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palettes which are around six or seven times pricier!


Other favourites of mine include the Salvation Intense and Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers, the latter of which are bold liquid lipsticks that morph into a matte formula for long lasting colour, whereas the Intense version is a glossy take on Salvation Lip Lacquer and delivers high definition, crisp colour pay-off with mega shine.  Lip Euphoria is an excellent option for people who cannot decide between lipstick or gloss, it’s a hybrid of the two with the full colour of a lipstick and the sheen of a gloss rolled into one!

To, anyone who has not tried any of the amazing value for money, professional standard products in this brand… you’re missing a treat!  Make Up Revolution is available at most Superdrug branches and there’s something for everyone in store and on their site!

Also check out their sister brand, Freedom!


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