Essie Retro Revival: Classics Comeback for Spring 2016!

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Essie have re-released a six-strong collection of some of their bestselling classic shades to honour the American nail expert’s 35th birthday. There is a shade for everyone in this collection, a glitzy strong colour, a classic silky red, two neutrals and a girly pink with some duo chrome. Personally I’d have added some spice to this clan of classics by including two of my favourites, Sexy Divide (rich, deep satin purple) and Jamaica Me Crazy (Hot Pink/Shimmery Fuchsia), apart from that I’ve always been a big fan of the endless variety offered by Essie and their collections each season, all of which compliment the latest beauty and style trends effortlessly. I love the professional lacquer formula of Essie’s polishes and always found them to dry quicker than that of other brands.

Starry Starry Night is like their similar navy called Midnight Cami or their other navy hue No More Film, but with tiny glitter particles for nighttime glamour reminiscent of a magical sky.  Some sources are saying this shade launched in 1985, but some are saying 1997.  It’s no secret, this shade is a star in its own right, making headlines for years from top nail blogs to tabloid newspapers, bottles of Starry Starry Night change hands on eBay for hundreds of dollars!


Star status indeed!


Birthday suit- one of the neutrals, launched in 1981 and is part of Essie’s original 12 piece line up. 2002 saw the launch of classic Pinot Noir red Life Of The Party and Cabana Bay, a pearly white neutral, was one of the bestsellers of 2005, alongside Sequin Sash which Essie describe as a sheer glittery bronze. Bikini With A Martini, an iridescent pearly pink, is the most recent of the six, it launched in 2006.

I don’t have a particular favourite yet but if I was to pick just 2, I’d go for Bikini With A Martini and Starry Starry Night. Bikini With A Martini is just the epitome of the ultimate frosted pink shade every beauty addict wants in their nail polish collection, whereas Starry Starry night is the perfect combination of a sleek strong colour lit from within by glitter to add an element of sparkle to a sophisticated manicure/pedicure.


Starry Starry Night (left) is the hard to find spangly navy blue everyone wants to own and has had several mentions in worldwide press, while Bikini With A Martini is the perfect pearlescent pink.




If your local drugstores stock plenty of Essie, I hope the much sought after Starry Starry Night is in abundant supply, I will consider myself very lucky if I can get hold of this holy-grail blue!






Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Here’s hoping St Patrick’s day brings you all the luck of the Irish, whether you’re looking for the latest style and beauty must-haves or joining a parade.  If you’re in and around Dublin, why not check out one of my favourite welcoming pubs, The Oliver St John Gogarty on Fleet Street, it’s always jolly with that upbeat Temple Bar atmosphere and traditional Irish music is often played while you enjoy a drink.


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